Cedrik Venduno - 20.7.2006 - 23.2.2016

I had to say farewell to my dearest Cedrik Venduno on 23rd February 2016.

As a small puppy he suffered a complicated injury of his back leg. What´s more the vets neglected everything about his medical treatment from the beginning. His leg was irreversibly damaged and Cedrik was excluded from training and shows then. This dog had an awesome character. I always kept saying that if I had to go through the hell, I would take Cedrik with me and we would both survive. I have never been sorry that he stayed at my home. He was the one of my dogs who managed to replace Ardy Bitt Box from the notional throne.

Some of his tricks were and are unforgettable. He confirmed his brilliant cleverness with getting to know on his own how to turn on television. He watched especially geographical films about animals and his most favourite one was watching a steeplechase Velka pardubicka every year. He became a great fan of this steeplechase that we could not miss it any time. I was exactly roaring with laughter every time. He empathized with the chase down-the-line. It almost seemed that he was the coach whom one of the racers was running!

Cedri, I am crying now because I miss you so much – I will never forget you, I can still see your impish smile and cheerful flames in your eyes ...

ARDY BITT BOX - 30.1.1995 - 3.10.2007
Ardy came from Mr Matuška´s breeding station, and for me he is the dog fatal, that you meet only once in your life. Of course only if you have good luck! It was love at first sight and training with him was a pleasure, because he worked cheerly. When we were training defences for IPO 2 exams, he started to have troubles with his backbone. He has had these problems since the attack of a Great Dane. So we turned our attention to rescue work training because during this the backbone is not single charged. We started to take part in difficult trainings, passed rescue work exams including ZPJ, which makes him able to work in „sharp actions“, where we cooperate with the police when they search for lost children or old ill people.
We have experienced a lot together, he is my favourite dog. Nowadays he is retired, but he doesn´t like it and so we train a bit according to his age.
And what is his faint? He loves pancakes...

Classification: 00/5AD/533, (70 x 70)

X-ray: 1/1

Examinations: BH, SchH 1, IPO 1, ZVV 1, ZPS 1, ZZZ, ZZP 2, ZLP 3, ZVP 3, ZPJ, RH-E, RH- LA, RH-FLA, RH-TA

Titles: Champion Czech Republic, CACIB, rez. CACIB, CAJC, 4x CAC, Expectant of Club Champion, BOB, Regional Winner, Winner of young class and working class, The best young Giant schnauzer (National club show Giant schnauzer - Louny)

Feed: Eukanuba senior

Andulka Bitt Box – CAC, rez. CACIB
Aurika Bitt Box – Champion SK

Erisa Od Salvátora: Karat v. Lobbachtal x Brita z Danova
*25.5.1973 – 6.2.1986

*20.4. 1976 – 18.7.1979

Adina Šar – Kat: Exy z Vlamber x Arleta Od Bláži
*5.3.1986 – 30.5.1998

Gita Od Rýznarky: Ball z Avoborku x Cleo Rudská tvrz
*21.8.1987 – 11.11.1999

Aoba Venduno: Charlí Dlouhý dům x Gita Od Rýznarky
*15.4.1991 – 12.1.2001