Hi, good morning or good evening. Welcome all dog lovers and all fans of the giant schnauzer. And welcome all of you who came to these sides all by chance. I hope that you will find here some of your interests. I donīt want to bother you with a long speach about the fact that I always wanted to have a dog. Of course I did!!! It was probably a hand of fate that my first giant schnauzer pulled me on a dog-lead when I was only six years old and when this female dog died in its twelve because of cancer, another giant schnauzer came to our house. I have had these dogs around me until now and hopefully I will have them for the rest of my life.

I became the founder of the breeding station called VENDUNO all by chance. A lady dog called Gita came to me in the age of one, after she had had a few owners. She knew how it was to be hungry, she knew people shouting and she knew absolute misunderstanding of dogsī needs. When she came to me she looked close and she showed me that she was not interested in me at all. I hoped this schnauzerīs soul wouldnīt be total wounded and that she would be able to recognize that the worst period of her life was gone. Fortunately she was strong enough and it didnīt take long and this lady dog started to trust me and we could converge. Everything was OK in the end and she lived to the age of thirteen. I simply loved her and her unpleasant experiences make me write that for finding the right race is not enough to like a picture in the atlas of dogs!

If you go to buy a baby dog for the first time, please contact a breeder or a consultant for the race you have chosen. Talk with them about your choice and then, especially if you want to buy a big dog, stop to think if your financial situation, physical form and your free time are adequate for such a dog. The whole family should agree with the choice. If you do it like this there wouldnīt be so many disappointed owners and, what is more important, so many betrayed dogs.

And what is the giant schnauzer like?
It is certainly not a dog for beginners. I am always saying – a giant schnauzer is able to see what is around three corners and the owner has to be able to know what is at least around five corners. An inconsistent neurotic person without anticipation who doesnīt have relation to an active life canīt be a master for such a dog. These dogs need somebody who is able to full fill their time otherwise they will do it themselves (e.g. by hunting deer). They love long walks, it doesnīt matter what kind of weather there is, they like running next to a bicycle, they love swimming, going by car and they are willing to follow you anywhere and whenever because they will never be friends with dullness.

Because of the hight and weight when itīs full grown it is necessary to start with consistent and kind training, than with education in order to manage and control them. It is more than important to find out a cynology club where they will help and advise you how to educate your dog. Remember that the giant schnauzer is ranked among service races of dogs. This means that its physique, its harsh hair and intelligence predetermines it for any kind of education, e.g. all-round, lifesaving, slotmarking or police education. Never try to forse this dog to a position of a home hanging-about.

But caution, the giant schnauzer has to respect you as its master, this dog would test your nervous system and it will try how much you are able to stand. This dog is very intelligent, it will recognize your irresolution, inability and it will try if it is possible to be a master itself, which is the thing that should never happen.

On the other hand this dog will do everything with you – cooking, baking, trees placing, rabbit feeding – because it likes to be around all family circumstances. The giant schnauzer loves children and playing with them. There are no problems with relating to other domestic animals if the dog grows up with them. It is possible to have this dog in a flat or in the garden, both of these alternates together is the best. This dog would reliably guard your property. It would become your loyal guardian and friend, essential member of your family. You will love its character and it will give you back your love million times.

And thatīs the giant schnauzer, for me the best race in the world.

I wish you all, who have bought or chosen this race to find the real sparkling pearl in its heart which symbolizes its great character and temperament. Never let this sparkling die.